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Searching for a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer? Schedule a consultation with Ms. Gretchen Taylor when you visit our website at TaylorLawCo.com right ...

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The time right after you have been arrested can be tough and your actions and what you say can often have an impact on your case or your future.  As an experienced Fairfax lawyer, you can be sure that Gretchen Taylor of Taylor Law Company has the experience to assist you through these difficult times. She is relentless and compassionate and is prepared to fight for your rights every step of the way.

We Have the Skills and Experience That You Need if You are Arrested in Northern Virginia

Gretchen Taylor founded Taylor Law Company and has experience as an Assistant Public Defender, an Assistant Federal Public Defender, and an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and she uses her knowledge and skills to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients.  When you need a criminal lawyer in Fairfax, VA, you can rely on Ms. Gretchen Taylor for professionalism, dedication, and compassion.  She does not just see you as another client; she truly cares about her clients and what happens to them. She will spend time during the free consultation trying to gain an understanding of you and your case so she can advise of you your options moving forward.

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Ms. Taylor will work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf. She strives to work hard to get you the most favorable resolution of your case possible.  Ms. Taylor is here to assist you by keeping you informed about the court process and what things mean, by researching the law and facts in your case so she can understand the issues in your case, while also helping you understand your constitutional rights, and addressing any expectations and concerns you have. 

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