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Our Northern Virginia Attorneys Excel in DUI and Criminal Defense Cases

Receiving DUI, traffic, or criminal charges in Northern Virginia will change your life; selecting good legal counsel can help you get best outcome possible. The Taylor Law Company Fairfax criminal lawyers are uniquely qualified to handle your criminal or DUI case aggressively while treating you with the patience and compassion you need. Read more about our qualifications and experience.

Lawyer in Fairfax, VA

Have you been charged with a DUI, a traffic violation, or a criminal charge? A conviction can change your life. Fortunately, you don’t have to leave it to chance. The criminal lawyers at The Taylor Law Company are uniquely qualified to aggressively handle your criminal or DUI case. At the same time, we treat you with the patience and compassion you need. Having decades of collective experience in this area of law, our lawyers provide expert legal assistance and zealous representation.  

What to Look for in a Criminal Lawyer

Experience is essential when you need a criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax, VA. In addition to that, you need a lawyer who is down to earth, compassionate, and able to stand up to the prosecutors. Both Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer have defended individuals charged with every type of crime – from white collar crimes to drug trafficking and murder. They are passionate advocates for their clients do not back down even when up against the toughest attorneys. You need a legal champion in your court when you are facing jail time. Schedule a consultation at our firm today.

Speak to Our Defense Lawyers First

You do not have to answer any questions if you are charged with a crime and are interrogated by the police. In fact, we advise against it. Under U.S. law, it is your right to have legal counsel present if you are questioned by the police. When you retain us as your attorney, we make sure you do not accidently incriminate yourself, because anything you say to the police will be used against you in a court of law. Depend on our skilled defense lawyers if you are facing criminal charges. We thoroughly examine all evidence, look for holes in the prosecutor’s case, and mount an aggressive defense strategy.

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