When you are in need of a criminal lawyer, you probably are wondering which questions to ask them during the first consultation. We understand that you are currently under an immense amount of stress, so we have created a list below for you to ask a Fairfax criminal lawyer you are interested in hiring to represent your best interests.Fairfax Criminal Lawyer

What Steps Should You Take Next?

Understanding the actions that you need to take is vital to your case going forward, especially if you are going to trial. By asking about the next steps for you and how you should proceed, you will gain valuable information.

What is their Strategy for Your Specific Case?

Inquiring about a lawyer’s strategy for your case will give you an understanding of how well they’ll be able to represent your case.

What is their rate?

Money is always a topic that should be discussed, so you are aware upfront of how much they will charge you for the hours that they spend on your case.

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