3 Reasons to Choose Taylor Law Company

Fairfax Criminal Defense LawyerAre you looking for a lawyer in Virginia? There are many reasons to choose Taylor Law Company to represent you in a time of crisis:

Dedication- Gretchen Taylor and Ann Thayer are dedicated to every juvenile or adult client they take on, whether it is for a DUI, Traffic, or criminal defense case.

Experienced - You can turn to Taylor Law Company for juvenile or adult criminal defense, federal criminal defense, DUI/ DWI, and traffic defense in Virginia. When you need attorneys with experience, you can trust we have the knowledge of the laws and procedures to achieve a good outcome for you.

Teamwork- Both Gretchen Taylor and Ann Thayer work together as a team to help their clients. Not only do the attorneys work together as a team, but each attorney works as a team with their clients. When you need an attorney, you want an attorney who cares and takes time to communicate effectively with you.

If you need a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, you can trust Taylor Law Company for quality representation. To schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys, give us a call at (703) 385-5529 right now. We will schedule a time that is appropriate for you because we understand how rare availability can be too many people. 

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