Fairfax, Virginia, DUI arrest has turned your life topsy-turvy and introduced all sorts of unexpected problems into your life. The criminal defense crisis you face is an urgent, unexpected surprise—and it's not as if your world was totally in balance before the arrest.

Furthermore, the legal information that you may need to understand to build your best case can be confusing and overwhelming. When you leverage the services of an experienced and highly compassionate Fairfax DUI law firm, you can simplify your journey. But it can still be hard.

Putting Blinders on: Focusing Only on What You Need to Focus on Now

One of the challenges of living in our information-overloaded world is the challenge of clarity.

We all have access to essentially an unlimited amount of information—more information than could possibly consume or use. We’re constantly tasked with "screening out" useless information… as well as information that might be helpful at some point, but not immediately.

We all have different ways of filtering out excessive info-noise. The best-selling author Timothy Ferriss recommends what he calls a “low-information diet.” You can also leverage the services of a Northern Virginia defense law firm, such as the team at Taylor Law Company, to translate relevant legalese into "normal language." But even with these resources, you can still get overwhelmed.

So here is yet another tool to help you achieve your quest for clarity.

The Why-What-How Model

Most of us intuitively solve problems by jumping to the “how” a thing might get done.

For instance, you’re facing a criminal charge. You want to know HOW to eliminate that charge and get back to your life. Before you get answers, however, you need to focus on what it is you want to achieve. Once you get a clear picture of an ideal solution to your problem, and then you can "work backwards" to figure out the "how." In other words, don’t begin looking for resources until you understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

But sometimes even starting with the “what first” approach is not sufficient. In that case, we need to dial all the way back to identify the purpose of a particular activity. WHY do you want to get your charges dropped?

That may seem like a simple—almost insulting—question.

But when you truly understand the purpose of your involvement in a particular quest—be it a quest to save money on your grocery bill or to get a DUI charge reduced or expunged—than you can much more easily understand what success might look like. When you understand what success looks like, you can make more effective progress on the “how” to achieve your ends.

Don't Operate in a Vacuum: Get Help

For strategic, experienced, empathetic help with your Virginia DUI defense, connect with the team here at Taylor Law Company for a confidential evaluation of your situation. Connect with us today by calling 888-209-6631 toll-free.

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