As a criminal defense attorney, you encounter  clients who are different ages, races, religions,  etc.  They come from different econimic backgrounds or may have varying degrees of mental health or substance abuse issues.  Many are bullied.  Many are abused.  Many suffer every day.  Many of these kids or teens are smart and have good grades, are popular, are athletes or are talented musicians, artists, actors.  Some just like to play their video games.  Some will not show any signs of being depressed or having thoughts of sucide but more often than not teenagers are thinking about, attempting, and committing suicide.  It is devastating when I meet with a young client (or any client for that matter) who is struggling and voices their thoughts to me about seeing no light at the end of the tunnel or tells me they have thought about or tried suicide.  Suicide is a hard subject to talk about but is becoming more of a norm with our teens.  So talk to your teens. Watch.  Listen.  If you hear or see signs of depression, or anxiety, or bullying (whether your kid is bullying or being bullied) talk about it with them!  Make sure your teens know you can come to them with anything or that if they don't fee comfora
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