Check out the list of weapons offenses you can be charged with in Virginia

Weapon Charges FairfaxWhen facing a weapons charge, you should seek counsel immediately because this is a serious allegation and you need an attorney on your side. The experienced attorneys at Taylor Law Company can defend a variety of weapon charges in Fairfax. Here are a few of weapons charges our attorneys can defend:

Possession: - There are a variety of weapons banned in Virginia and others that you can only possess if you are eligible (meaning you have a valid concealed weapons permit OR you do not have a domestic violence conviction or felony conviction or mental health issues). Call us if you have a question.

Brandishing a Firearm:  You may be legally allowed to carry the weapon but if you point it or wave it in a manner as to induce fear in someone that can result in a criminal charge.

Weapons at Airport- Some weapons are legal for you to own but the airport bans carrying a weapon in a terminal so check all your bags before you travel to make sure you have not left a weapon in a suitcase.

Reckless Handling of Firearm:  Accidents happen but when it comes to firearms you can be charged if it can be proven you handled the firearm in a way as to endanger others. This can often happen during hunting season and then your hunting license can be suspended or revoked.

Taylor Law Company can defend minors and adults. For attorneys who can defend weapon charges in Fairfax, give us a call at (703) 385-5529 today. 

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