People charged with a DUI-1st need to understand what they are facing in court

DUI Attorney Fairfax VAGetting behind the wheel in the driver’s seat after you have been drinking, even if it was just a few, can result in receiving a DUI. It is always better to call a friend to pick you up than attempt to drive yourself somewhere. If you do find yourself in this problematic situation, here is what you need to know about being a first-time DUI offender below.

You Will Need an Attorney- Every DUI case is different which is why it is crucial that you hire a DUI attorney in Fairfax, VA, who can advocate on your behalf. You need a passionate attorney who understands how the court system works when it comes to DUIs because they will be the ones to navigate you through this process.

Financial Costs- In Virginia, a DUI can be a drain on your finances: fines, court costs, insurance, alcohol programs and treatment, towing/impound fees, ignition interlock, bond, etc.

Penalties- In Virginia, you can face jail up to 12 months on a misdemeanor DUI and up to 5 years on a felony (some of that jail time could be mandatory time), a fine up to $2,500.00, and a loss of your license for one year, 3 years, or indefinitely depending on whether it is your first offense or not.

When you need a respected DUI attorney in Fairfax, VA, you can trust Taylor Law Company to represent you during this challenging time. Call our law office at (703) 385-5529 to discuss legal representation with one of our attorneys. 

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