What Types of Criminal Cases Do We Handle?

Fairfax Criminal Defense LawyerWhen you have first been arrested, the best thing you can do is hire an attorney who can help you through the entire process.  When choosing a lawyer, you should consider experience and reputation of the lawyer. As Fairfax criminal defense lawyers, Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer defend all types of criminal cases for Juveniles and Adults including those listed below and more.

Weapons- If you have been charged with some type of gun, firearm, knife or any other type of weapons charge, you can turn to Taylor Law Company for representation. Whether you are charged with illegal possession of a weapon, reckless use of a firearm, brandishing, or selling weapons, you can trust us to protect your constitutional rights the best that we can.

Theft/Fraud- Our attorneys will work hard on your case regardless of whether the charge is petit larceny, grand larceny, embezzlement, shoplifting, credit card theft, forgery, etc.

Drugs- Drug charges can include possession, distribution, manufacturing, forging illegal prescriptions, etc.   Here at Taylor Law Company, we are here to fight for you against all types of drug charges.

When you find yourself in need of a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer, you can trust Ann and Gretchen at Taylor Law Company to take on your case. Contact us by calling our law firm right now at (703) 385-5529 to discuss your legal needs and representation. 

Ann M. Thayer
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