Why Taylor Law Company Is the Right Firm to Defend Your Case

DUI Attorney Fairfax VAOnce you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia, you might be wondering how you are going to decide which attorney to hire to represent you.  Below are just a couple of reasons why you should turn to our law firm once you have been charged with a DUI, even if you are a first-time offender.


When you find yourself in this particular situation, you need a lawyer who has experience in the courtroom with DUIs and other traffic offenses. Taylor Law Company has defended an array of clients in various courtrooms throughout Northern Virginia. Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer attend yearly seminars focused on defending DUI cases and are founding members of DUIDLA.  Since they are educated and have years of experience in the courtroom, you can rely on Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer to fight for your best interests.

Relentless but Also Compassionate Attorneys

Here at Taylor Law Company, we put your needs first because we understand this is a difficult situation for you and your family. Ms. Gretchen Taylor and Ms. Ann Thayer are compassionate with clients and passionate about defending your rights but they also will be relentless as they fight hard for you at the same time.

Speak with a DUI attorney in Fairfax, VA, by calling Taylor Law Company at (703) 385-5529 right now. Our attorneys are here to help you through this challenging process by providing you with representation. 

Ann M. Thayer
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