Questions for Defense Attorneys

At Taylor Law Company, we understand once you are accused of a crime, you will have many questions about your rights, potential outcomes, and the process involved with your case. Not knowing where to turn for accurate answers can be overwhelming. You do not have to wonder about these questions any longer because the dedicated lawyers at Taylor Law Company want to help you every step of the way. We have answered frequently asked questions with informative, detailed responses to provide some clarity to our potential clients. Whether you are facing weapon charges in Fairfax or drug possession charges in Fairfax, VA, Taylor Law Company is here to help you and your family.

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  • Can I just prepay this Reckless Driving ticket?

    Unfortunately Virginia does not allow you to prepay a Reckless Driving ticket like you would a speeding ticket.  When you sign that yellow summons, you are agreeing that you will appear in court on the date specified.  If you fail to appear the Judge can issue a warrant for your arrest which will be outstanding until you turn yourself in on the warrant.  Some Judges will convict you in your absence if they think that is more appropriate than issuing a warrant but that is completely in the discretion of the Judge.