How can you apply the “why-what-how” model to your Virginia DUI defense?

In a recent blog post, we talked about how Virginia DUI defendants often get overwhelmed and confused about their “best path” forward, even when they leverage the help of powerful and experienced legal representatives.

One model for dealing with the chaos is known as the “why-what-how” model. In this paradigm, you spend time thinking through the “why” of your defense before you get into the nitty-gritty of the what and the how. The model makes intuitive sense: after all, if you don’t know the purpose of your activity, how can you know when that activity will be completed or how to go about achieving success? 

On the other hand, we’re not really taught to make this model functional, so we tend to default to putting the “how” before the "why" or "what" because it’s just easier to do so.

Drilling Down to Understand the Real “Why” Behind Your First “Why”

Take a piece of paper or open a word-processing document, and write down in one sentence why you want to fight your Virginia DUI charges.

For instance, you might write something along the lines of “because I don’t want to go to jail.” That’s great. Now take some time to ask yourself why you don’t want to go to jail. For instance, you might write something along the lines of “because I have a wife and kids to support.” You can ask then yourself why is it important for you to support your wife and kids. You might say “because I'm a family man, and I have a strong need to provide for the people I love.”

Now that you have your “why,” you’re going to almost certainly find it easier to divine the “what” you need to accomplish. In other words, you now have standards for how to behave during your Virginia DUI defense. Your ultimate objective is to provide for your family, so all your decisions will be measured against that!

Developing a clear vision for what success can also be somewhat difficult. To get that answer, don’t try to “do it all at once.” Instead, spend some time envisioning the “best case scenario”—that is, if everything went your way, what would that look like? What would that feel like? What would happen when? And so forth. Really spend time focusing not on the negative, but on the positive: what do you want to create in the real world?

Going from the Why and What to the How

Once you have understood your reason for trying to defend against the DUI and the vision for what you hope to accomplish, the next step is to figure out the how. The team here at the Taylor Law Co. can help you develop a strategic and sensible road forward. Connect with us today by calling 888-209-6631 for immediate assistance.