My daughter was pulled over by police while driving her car. She was not drinking alcohol, but she was arrested for a DUI because she was smoking pot. Can the police do this? Does she need a Northern Virginia DWI defense attorney?

The answer to both of your questions is yes. Yes, a driver can be arrested for driving  under the influence laws in Virginia if she was smoking pot and there was no alcohol in her system, and yes, that driver likely needs to contact a Northern Virginia DWI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Virginia driving while intoxicated and under the influence laws include the prohibition of driving while under the influence of drugs that interfere with a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. Marijuana may be one such drug. A recent survey completed by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) found that one in five teenagers admit to driving while high. Thus, the scenario that you describe may be playing out in many homes across Virginia and across the country.

If it is your child that has been arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia then the time to get help for your child is right now – before your child’s criminal case progresses any further. Our Fairfax DUI defense lawyers are committed to helping your family during this difficult time. We will make sure that you and your child understand what is likely to happen in your child’s case, that you understand your child’s rights, and that you understand the potential penalties that your child faces. Contact the lawyers of the Taylor Law Company for a free consultation by calling 703.385.5529.