The cop who arrested me for drunk driving made a big deal out of the fact that I had a minor in the car with me. This was my first Virginia drunk driving arrest and the minor is a teenager. Is this really a big deal? Should I contact a Northern Virginia DUI defense lawyer?

Yes, the charges against you may be significant and you are facing a potentially “big deal.” Not only may you be facing drunk driving charges in Virginia, but you could also be facing child endangerment charges. Thus, it is important to take this situation seriously and to contact a Fairfax drunk driving defense attorney as soon as possible.

While we can’t offer you specific advice over the Internet, we can tell you that a drunk driving arrest is not the same thing as a drunk driving conviction. An arrest means that the police believe that they have probable cause that you committed the crime(s) for which you were arrested. In the situation you describe you may have been arrested not only for drunk driving, but also for child endangerment or other charges.

You will have the chance to defend yourself and your defense should begin immediately. You may be able to have the case dismissed or the charges reduced if you present a good defense. For more information about possible defenses and how to protect yourself, we encourage you to contact one of our Northern Virginia DWI defense attorneys today for a free consultation about your rights. Call us toll free at 888.209.6631 for a free consultation.