What will happen to my child’s education if he or she is convicted and sentenced for a juvenile crime in Virginia?

While your school age child is in the custody of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), your child should receive general education services and special education services, if appropriate.

Once your child is released from the DJJ, your child’s public school system must re-enroll your child within two school days of his or her release, assuming that your child has not been expelled. Virginia law requires DJJ staff and local school staff to work together to ensure your child’s smooth re-enrollment in the public school.

A re-enrollment plan must be developed if your child has been confined by the DJJ for 30 or more days and is eligible to return to a public school. A preliminary re-enrollment plan will be developed by staff at your child’s correctional facility. The preliminary plan should include information about your child’s academic progress and suggest support services that might benefit your child, if appropriate.

After the preliminary plan is developed, then school personnel, your child’s parole officer, you, and your child should be involved in developing the final re-enrollment plan.

Your child’s Fairfax juvenile criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your child’s rights and fight for your child’s education. For more information, we encourage you to contact the experienced Fairfax juvenile criminal defense attorneys at Taylor Law Company at (703) 385-5529; you should also review the information about returning to school after a DDJ confinement provided by the Virginia Department of Education.