When will my case be heard in court?

In some counties there is an arraignment date where you appear before the Judge.  The Judge asks you whether you plan to hire an attorney, apply for a court appointed attorney to see if you qualify, or waive your right to an attorney.  The Judge will also set your trial date or remind you of the trial date if one has already been set by the Magistrate.  In other counties the first court date may be your trial date as some jurisdictions do not set a separate arraignment date.   Most jurisdictions set cases fairly quickly in the General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts so your court date is usually about a month or so from when you are charged. Of course, sometimes there are continuances granted for either side.  However, some counties limit the amount of cases they set on the docket and will set your case out farther than a month or so.

Regardless of which way your case gets set for trial, that date is where you can present evidence in your case and have your attorney question the Commonwealth Attorneys witnesses.  You always need to be prepared for the trial date that is set because that is the date the Judge expects both sides to be prepared and ready to present their evidence.