How to Understand Your Fairfax DUI Charges

When you were pulled over for your Fairfax, Virginia DUI, no doubt the first few seconds or minutes seemed to be among the longest of your life.

Perhaps the police stopped you at a checkpoint and subjected you to field sobriety tests. Or maybe you got arrested after you caused an accident at a stop light. In any case, you’re desperate to understand your legal rights—to get a handle on what you may or may not be able to do to limit any impact to your life.

You need simplicity. But the law is extremely complicated.

Part of what makes DUI charges so scary is that most people lack close familiarity with Virginia’s DUI laws. These laws are constantly in a state of flux. Even subtle distinctions can have massive implications for your case (both positive and negative).

Your lack of fluency in legal language can be a major source of distress. Some Virginia DUI lawyers will take the time to explain your rights in relatively clear language. But sometimes hearing things once is just not enough.

One Solution to Your Frustration: Lawyers Who Will Listen to You Compassionately

The team here at Taylor Law Company prides itself on delivering empathetic service to scared and frustrated DUI defendants. Whether this is your first arrest, and you’re totally confused by how the process might work; or you’re facing a third or fourth charge—and a possible escalation of a standard misdemeanor to a felony charge—we will answer all your questions in simple language, even if you ask those questions more than once.

We won't baffle you with Virginia legal jargon just to make you think we're clever. Our goal is to help you feel back in control and to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible. Connect with Taylor Law Company today online or call us today at 888-209-6631 for immediate assistance.

Gretchen L. Taylor
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