If you have been ordered to complete ASAP, there are some things you need to know if you have a restricted license.

Every person convicted of DUI now must have an interlock installed on their vehicle.  Installation fees are up to $65 but are usually waived in VA and you are charged the first months calibration fee.  The monthly fee to have the machine on your car is $80 (not including taxes or insurance).  There is no charge for the machine to be removed from your vehicle.  You may want to check with your insurance company on whether you are covered or you may want to add insurance for the ignition interlock in case the car is on fire, the car is repossessed, car broken into, etc.  The machines run between $1500-2000 so if something happens with your car then you will have to pay for a new machine if your do not have insurance to cover it.  If there is an issue with your car specifically regarding installation you can be charged an extra $50.  Also, some car companies like Honda will not allow an installation of the machine if you are leasing so make sure you can actually get the machine on your car to comply with the law. Finally, push start cars are also difficult ones to have the interlock installed.

Each month you have to get the calibration done on  your vehicle and you should spread them out so the final one is done right about that 6 month mark.  This will help you avoid having to do a 7th calibration because the dates are too close together.

There are 4 companies to choose from: Drager, Life Saver, Alcolock, and Smart Start.

Try to pre-enroll with ASAP so you can prequalify for interlock.  This allows you to set your interlock installation appointment for as close to your court date as possible so there is less time you will be without a restricted license for work etc.

Final Tips:

If you have medical issues like asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc and you are not able to give enough air to the machine, check with your doctor and get a physician statement and the machine setting could be lowered form 1.5 L to 1.2-1.0 L so you can provide a valid sample.

Yes, the interlock can be installed on motorcycles.

If this is your second or subsequent DUI then you must have the machine installed on each vehicle in your name (including kids at college etc) so you may want to transfer the car out of your name before court.

You must drive the car to the installation but someone else can take it for calibrations.

If someone else drives and blows over .02 you are responsible.

ASAP has cameras that can be installed if you request it or the court orders it.  A picture will be taken each time you blow. And there is no fee to install it.

Make sure you always do the retests because even though you may have a BAC of .00 if you fail to blow then ASAP counts it against you.