Uh Oh…Papa Joe Simpson Blew a 0.12 at a DUI Checkpoint

Posted on Aug 24, 2012

How much alcohol is too much to drink before you drive? Most of us feel that we know our limit, but do we really?

Joe Simpson, former minister and father of famed pop stars Jessica and Ashley Simpson, was extremely surprised to find out that his BAC was over the limit of 0.08 after just 2 glasses of wine.

At approximately 10 p.m. on the evening of August 4, Mr. Simpson encountered a DUI checkpoint in Sherman Oaks, California. When asked to take a breathalyzer test, he voluntarily obliged, thinking that he had nothing to worry about. However, he was quite surprised to find that his BAC was 0.12. Simpson was then arrested for DUI and spent the night in jail.

Simpson is being charged with 2 counts of drunken driving; his court date is set for August 30th. He faces a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail, 36 months of probation and a $1,000 fine. However, since this is his first drunken driving arrest, he is not likely to face jail time.

Will Papa Joe’s celebrity status help or hurt him in this situation? While this is his first run-in with the law, his fate lies in the hands of his attorney and the leniency of the judge.

Have you been pulled over for DUI and failed a breathalyzer test? While breathalyzer tests are commonly used, they can still be wrong. Testing over the limit isn’t the end of the world; you just need an experienced attorney who knows how to handle your specific case. Contact the Fairfax DUI attorneys at the Taylor Law Company for more information about how we can help you after a DUI arrest.

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