Charged With Federal Crime in Fairfax? Don’t Choose the Wrong Lawyer!

Federal crimes are serious charges. Whether you have been formally arrested, or contacted by federal officials, the time to contact an experienced Fairfax federal criminal defense lawyer is right now.

An Experienced and Compassionate Lawyer May Help You Protect Your Future

Gretchen Taylor, a partner and founder of Taylor Law Company, understands that you have questions and that you are concerned about your future. She partners with you, keeping you informed every step of the way about the details of your case. She will explain your case to you and prepare you for what may come next. Ask your questions; Ms. Taylor will answer them patiently. Although she fights your case with vigor, she treats you with compassion—and she does it for a reasonable fee.

Ms. Taylor is a former prosecutor who can evaluate your case with insight from all angles. Ms. Taylor can also serve as local counsel for the Eastern District of Virginia if your attorney has no jurisdiction there.

As soon as you have contacted by the police, you need to get competent legal representation. You want to avoid doing or saying something unintentionally that will damage your court case. If you are charged with a federal crime, call an experienced Fairfax criminal defense attorney today!

Ms. Taylor Tackles the Tough Cases

Ms. Taylor defends all types of federal criminal charges, including the following:

  • Interstate drug trafficking
  • Drug charges
  • Bank robbery
  • DUI or reckless driving on federal property
  • Mail fraud
  • Tax fraud or evasion
  • Importing or selling firearms without a license
  • Selling illegal firearms
  • Gun charges
  • Immigration fraud
  • White collar crimes
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Other federal felonies

For more information about the United States Eastern District Court of Virginia, directions, or parking, please see our Resources Page under Federal Criminal Defense.

Don’t take your chances with a lawyer who is inexperienced with federal criminal defense. You have too much at stake. Federal crimes are serious business and your defense attorney has to be able to zealously advocate on your behalf. The Northern Virginia federal criminal defense lawyers at Taylor Law Company are on your side and we invite you to contact us today to learn more about your rights.

Give us a call at 703-385-5529, and set up a FREE, immediate, no-obligation consultation.