Testimonials for Our Fairfax Lawyers

Deciding on which lawyer is going to represent you through your entire court case, is vital to your case. No law firm can guarantee a specific result, but the Fairfax lawyers at Taylor Law Company are determined to provide you with a solid defense for DUI, traffic, and other criminal cases in Northern Virginia. Our attorneys are zealous advocates of the law, which is why they are ready to defend your rights and assist you through the court process. If you find yourself in need of a DUI attorney in Fairfax, VA, you can rely on Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer.

When narrowing down your search for attorneys, you should consider their previous clients’ testimonials because these clients have been in situations similar to you. Take a look at some testimonials from some of our former clients and give us a call at (703) 385-5529 to schedule a free consultation with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer today.  

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  • The best lawyer

    Gretchen Taylor is very focused, experienced and very understanding. Ms. Taylor defended a juvenile criminal charge. We are very satisfied with the excellent results. She is very optimistic, knowledgeable, and supportive. I highly recommend Attorney Gretchen Taylor.

    A criminal defense client
  • Simply the Best

    Being indicted by the U.S. Government is a nightmare I would not wish on anyone. When our son was faced with the possibility of 20 years in prison for a first-time drug offense, we were frantic. Thankfully, a local attorney recommended Gretchen Taylor. After meeting with her for a consultation, our son knew he had found someone who would not only represent him well, but who cared about him as a person. Ms. Taylor's years of experience in federal court were invaluable in this case. She is professional, knowledgeable, and very respected by her colleagues on both sides. She is honest and open. She thinks outside the box--to her, every case is unique and should be considered from all angles. No stone is left unturned. She is very easy to reach and very responsive. She is also very patient and understood the anguish our family was going through. She made our son feel comfortable and confident going into federal court. She exudes confidence and calm. And she also has a warm sense of humor. We can't say enough about Gretchen Taylor. The outcome of our son's case was so much better than we had hoped for, and that's thanks to Ms. Taylor.

    A Federal Crime client
  • A Premier Performance! Gretchen Taylor is a DUI Defense Expert.

    After being charged with the serious offence of DUI, I expected the worst: severe driving restrictions, higher insurance, consequences affecting my business, and a permanent mark on my record. Quite frankly, I was terrified of the outcome and what could prove to be a life changing event. Thanks to the aggressive defense of Gretchen Taylor, I avoided a DUI conviction.  I’ve never had a need for a lawyer before, but knew these charges were not something to face alone. After release from jail, I immediately went to work on selecting a lawyer. Gretchen was recommended by a friend, and also a highly respected Fairfax DUI attorney, who does not practice in Federal Court. After my consult with Gretchen, I knew she was well-suited to deliver the results needed. She quickly outlined the gaps the US Attorney would have to overcome for a conviction and assured me that there was reason for optimism.  Throughout the coming weeks, she prepared the case and was in contact updating me on the progress. We even made a trip to the place where I was arrested, so we could provide the court with an accurate photographic description of the roadway for trial.  In the courtroom you can tell Gretchen is in her element; she backed the US Attorney into a corner right away by requesting a jury trial. She whole heartedly felt a jury of my peers would see the deficits she was beginning to unravel in the case. After Gretchen made a motion for trial, the US attorney offered to reduce all charges (DUI & Refusal) to “improper driving”, one of the lowest traffic violations which is similar to running a stop sign or failing to signal.  Gretchen Taylor is your best advocate when it comes to a successful DUI defense. I am eternally grateful for all her hard work, expertise, and care applied to my case. If I am ever in need of an attorney, Gretchen will be the first and only call I make.

    A DUI client
  • Gretchen Taylor epitomizes the ideal criminal defense attorney!

    Ms. Taylor is very knowledgeable in her field, always keeps you informed, and knows the system very well. Her confidence and compassion made me feel I had the best attorney for my case. Thanks to Gretchen, the outcome turned out in my favor. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a top notch criminal lawyer in Virginia.

    Jennifer, a Criminal Defense client
  • I feel proud of myself for making the right "LIFE CHOICE DECISION" and hiring Mrs. Taylor as my Attorney.

    It took me some time to write this review because I simply cannot find the right words to describe how awesome Gretchen is. I feel proud of myself for making the right "LIFE CHOICE DECISION" and hiring Mrs. Taylor as my Attorney. Needless to say, I was doing my research and searching for a DUI attorney to handle my case for over a month. The moment I met Gretchen, I knew "this is it". I was found guilty, and Gretchen saved my life. Here it is: 1. super sharp and detailed, always steps ahead and on top of the things 2. available!!!!! e-mail, text, cell, always in contact with the client and impressive memory, I almost felt like I am her only client :) 3. extremely charming. Judges simply like her, and compliment her, we had to appeal - the judge found me guilty. Yet, complimented Gretchen "you defended your client admirably" She does not even have to try. She just has that presence. 4. So about the appeal. She just held my hand and said "Appeal". I was not even thinking clearly, - hopeless and lost. She saved my life. Went extra 1,000 miles to prepare for the appeal, and we WON!!!!! 5. And she is very emotionally supportive. While I was on the stand, and the Prosecutor was "attacking" me, all I had to do is look at Gretchen to compose myself. So like I said - words cannot describe how grateful I am to Attorney Taylor. All I can say -" I was in good hands". She rocks. She is wonderful. She is professional. And she is the winner. I spoke to a few people who were convicted with DUI and simply saying - "my lawyer never even obtained the video tape", well,- not the case with Gretchen.... she is just awesome! Thank you Gretchen. Thank you.

    A DUI client
  • Thank you

    Gretchen was a great attorney. Always one step ahead of the game. Very easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable about her facts on my case.

    A DUI client
  • Very pleased and impressed!

    I came to Gretchen w/ a very personal and hurtful case involving animal cruelty. Just those two words bring back so much pain from a very wrongful charge. She listened to my side when nobody would. The officer never even tried to communicate w/ me before stating her judgment. When you love and put your dogs before yourself, it can crush your spirit for someone to form an opinion based on appearance. Without the whole story and Gretchen to represent me, I would have faced losing my babies who are safe, happy, and healthy. There could have even been a sentence for jail time. There could have also been 3 dogs, alone and in a shelter, very confused and having a small chance of having the life they need, the life here with me. Please consider Ms. Taylor for your legal issues. You won't be disappointed. I will always be loyal to her counsel and wish you the best with your legal trouble... if you need more than luck, call Gretchen!

    Amanda, an Animal Law client
  • Knowledgeable Juvenile Lawyer

    Although our cases where complicated she tried to represent us and was primarily successful. She took on a case that she had never done before. We believe she did her best even if the outcome was not to our advantage. Her experience w/ the Juvenile system is vast. Understanding the other lawyers and primarily the judges is crucial in any case and she moves in that environment. When she had a conflict with one of the cases she found a lawyer to represent her and he was up to date w/ our requirements. Her lawyers' fees are comparable to others and her office is really close to the courthouse even walking distance. She was always early and did her homework on the cases. After hiring her for multiple cases it would have been nice if we could have gotten a discount but that was not the case.

    A Juvenile client
  • A Lawyer who goes the extra mile

    Gretchen Taylor is probably the only lawyer I know who believes in going the extra mile. She is very knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, and an out of the box thinker. In dealing with my case, she was always available when I had questions and always gave honest and fair advice of substance (which I felt was very important). She definitely knows how to put your concerns to ease and make you feel comfortable no matter how uncomfortable your situation may be. I would highly recommend Gretchen Taylor, a lawyer who I believe will always go the extra mile to provide quality advice to her client. Thanks Gretchen for being by my side during my ordeal.

    BV, a Domestic Violence and DWI client