Testimonials for Our Fairfax Lawyers

Deciding on which lawyer is going to represent you through your entire court case, is vital to your case. No law firm can guarantee a specific result, but the Fairfax lawyers at Taylor Law Company are determined to provide you with a solid defense for DUI, traffic, and other criminal cases in Northern Virginia. Our attorneys are zealous advocates of the law, which is why they are ready to defend your rights and assist you through the court process. If you find yourself in need of a DUI attorney in Fairfax, VA, you can rely on Ms. Taylor and Ms. Thayer.

When narrowing down your search for attorneys, you should consider their previous clients’ testimonials because these clients have been in situations similar to you. Take a look at some testimonials from some of our former clients and give us a call at (703) 385-5529 to schedule a free consultation with a Fairfax criminal defense lawyer today.  

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  • Lawyer for Life

    I recently was ticketed for speeding 20 over in a work zone and Ann Thayer as my lawyer got it reduced and I paid court cost and took an online driving class she saved me from possible jail time and cut what I had to pay in half I have used a lawyer a couple other times but no more I have found mine for life I would recommend her to anyone for just about any case

    Reckless Driving Client in Northern VA
  • Gretchen and Ann made me feel as if I was their only client.

      This was the first time I found myself in this situation (criminal family assault and civil protective order).  The big problem for me was that my wife put me in this bad situation.  I had few friends and family to support me because I was new to the country.  I did not understand the situation I was facing.  From the first time I sat down with Ann, I felt that she could help.  I also felt she was very confident and professional.  I met with Ann for a consult and then went to court for my hearing where they gave me the right to have an attorney appointed for low cost because my income was low.  After my first appointment with the court appointed attorney, I made a decision to hire Ann.  Since I had a civil protective order hearing and a criminal charge the cases were on different days.  Ann was in court in another county for the civil protective order hearing.  However, I was lucky enough to meet her partner Gretchen.  Gretchen is so smart and also made me feel comfortable when I met with her.  I believed they made an excellent team working together on my case.  Ann and Gretchen responded to all my emails and questions in a way I could understand.  They were prompt in responding as well.  When I needed to schedule an appointment to meet with one of them about my case, it happened quickly.  Gretchen and Ann made feel as if I was their only client.  Thank goodness they did because now there is no protective order thanks to Gretchen.   Ann got me a Not Guilty verdict on the assault charge.   I can start my life in the country I have always dreamed about living in.  I give a big thanks to Ann Thayer and Gretchen Taylor.  I will never forget them.

    Fairfax Assault and Battery Defendant 2012
  • Excellent Lawyer!!! Very professional, tough, kind and understanding

     Well I was recently arrested for a pretty hefty misdemeanor and was very uncertain and pessimistic about what the outcome of the case would be (also was my first time dealing with the legal system), but Counselor Taylor kept myself and my family well informed and reassured through the whole ordeal and I was more than happy with the outcome. She is very understanding and really fights for your best interest as well as the best possible outcome. Represents her clients with honesty, perseverance, and great optimism when you truly need it most. You are in good hands by hiring Gretchen Taylor as your attorney. My family and I truly thank Counselor Taylor for all her work and expertise in all this. Awesome, Highly recommended!!

    a criminal defense client
  • The best lawyer

    Gretchen Taylor is very focused, experienced and very understanding. Ms. Taylor defended a juvenile criminal charge. We are very satisfied with the excellent results. She is very optimistic, knowledgeable, and supportive. I highly recommend Attorney Gretchen Taylor.

    A criminal defense client
  • Simply the Best

    Being indicted by the U.S. Government is a nightmare I would not wish on anyone. When our son was faced with the possibility of 20 years in prison for a first-time drug offense, we were frantic. Thankfully, a local attorney recommended Gretchen Taylor. After meeting with her for a consultation, our son knew he had found someone who would not only represent him well, but who cared about him as a person. Ms. Taylor's years of experience in federal court were invaluable in this case. She is professional, knowledgeable, and very respected by her colleagues on both sides. She is honest and open. She thinks outside the box--to her, every case is unique and should be considered from all angles. No stone is left unturned. She is very easy to reach and very responsive. She is also very patient and understood the anguish our family was going through. She made our son feel comfortable and confident going into federal court. She exudes confidence and calm. And she also has a warm sense of humor. We can't say enough about Gretchen Taylor. The outcome of our son's case was so much better than we had hoped for, and that's thanks to Ms. Taylor.

    A Federal Crime client
  • If you find yourself in the same predicament, I highly recommend you consult with her first, then check out some other attorneys, you'll find yourself going back to her.

    I received a citation for reckless driving by speed; I searched and interviewed a number of lawyers.  In the end my decision to put my trust in Ms. Thayer is one that I do not regret.  She exceeded all my expectations, and delivered results that I thought was unobtainable. Though I was worried about the outcome, she assured me it would work out in the end.  She was right!  I liked the fact that she handled my case personally and did not pass it off to a "team".  If you find yourself in the same predicament, I highly recommend you consult with her first, then check out some other attorneys, you'll find yourself going back to  her.  A coworker received the same citation the same week I did and commented about how much cheaper her attorney was than mine, needless to say her attorney did not deliver the results Ms. Thayer did.

  • I am very satisfied that I chose Ann to be my lawyer.

    I was living in Fairfax, VA for a while and got in to trouble with the law. I was referred to Ann Thayer Criminal Defense Attorney. My Experience with her as a Defense attorney was great. She was very understanding and extremely knowledgeable. She investigated all of the facts and came up with a terrific case for me that allowed me to win my case.  I am very satisfied that I chose Ann to be my lawyer and would recommend her to anybody in legal need. I trust them to do a good job for you as they did for me.

    Fairfax DUI
  • First Person I would call

    Ms Thayer (Ann), I want to thank you so much for how you represented me on my court case. From the very first phone call and how quickly you responded back to me, all the way to the day after my court appearance, you made me feel as if I was your only client. I  found myself  in a situation where I had no idea how to handle and you walked me through every part of the process in clear, simple detail that I was able to understand and that really put me at ease. The fact that you rearrange my court date so I can maintain my family vacation did more for me and my family than you can imagine and I am forever grateful for your dedicated, professional and exceptional service.  The research you did and the coaching you give my wife and I in preparation for my trail date was exactly what we needed to win and everything happen exactly as you prepared us. Your knowledge of the law and understanding of the system is un-matched and  I was so glad that you were representing me. I thank once again for a winning, well planned approach and most of all for making sure I was victorious. You left nothing to chance and if I am ever in need of a lawyer you will be the first person I call. Thank you

    May 2012
  • She made me feel comfortable with choosing her to represent me

    Ann Thayer was a professional (not just with her words, but her dress, and demeanor), well educated, intelligent and well mannered lawyer. She made me feel comfortable with choosing her to represent me, and the outcome is exactly what I wanted.  She was timely on responding back to me if I had any questions, and she gave everything to me straight.  I enjoyed working with her and am very pleased with her representation in my case.

    Possession of Marijuana
  • Ann Thayer is unstoppable in bringing equal justice for her clients.

    Atty Ann Thayer is an excellent criminal defense attorney. The combination of smart and very hard working person is one of Ann Thayer's attributes. Her professional expertise of the law, and personal concerns for her clients set her apart from other attorneys. Ann Thayer is unstoppable in bringing equal justice for her clients. Eight months ago, my brother was accused of unlawful videotaping of a minor. He was in jail for almost a month without a court appointed attorney. When Ann Thayer came in the picture, she immediately took the burden away from me of having to deal with the messy court and jail systems. I wasn't getting any sleep for a month worrying about my brother. Thank God, Ann Thayer came along. She's not just a lawyer, Ann is also an educator. She's very persistent in making sure I understood what was going on, what to expect and what she can do/what she will do for my brother's defense. She never got tired of re-explaining things to me, to my brother-her client, and later on to other family members. Ann is a very passionate about her work and she's a very determined person. She's one-of-a-kind. With Ann Thayer, you'll be in good hands, and you'll never feel you are alone and helpless. In the end, Ann got my brother's sentence reduced from 20 yrs. to 3 yrs. If you're ever in need of an attorney, I HIGHLY recommend hiring Ann Thayer

    Sister of Client