Fairfax Attorneys Defend Clients With Criminal, DUI, and Traffic Cases

The DUI/criminal attorneys at the Taylor Law Company are zealous advocates of the law, and we make sure our clients receive the best defense possible for their DUI, traffic, and criminal cases in Northern Virginia, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the testimonials from some of our clients.

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  • Gretchen believed. Gretchen's resourceful. Gretchen communicated. Gretchen is good with detail. Gretchen's cool under pressure. Gretchen's adaptive. I was found NOT guilty of DWI.

    I hired Gretchen on appeal after being convicted on a DUI charge in District Court.  Why:  Gretchen Believed: After explaining the case details. She was excited about all the opportunities my case provided to obtain a dismissal or not guilty verdict. We encountered several obstacles with logistics and evidence, but she never seem discouraged; or waned in our ability to win.  Gretchen's Resourceful: As an asthmatic, I needed a medical expert to provide credible testimony of the challenges asthmatics can sometimes face providing breath samples. She was able to identify and retain an expert in less than 10 days; whereas my withdrawing attorney initially opted not to and later could not find one with 90 days time.  Gretchen Communicated: Clearly, concretely, and regularly about what needed to be done, by who and when. Between Gretchen, the medical expert and I, it felt like I was a member of my own "high-power legal team." We all had our part to play, not only in trial, but research and preparation. The more and better tools we placed in her arsenal, the more dynamic her defense.  Gretchen is good with detail: She understands and/can quickly learn great detail. She demonstrated command of breath testing machinery, variances between devices and limitations. Gretchen was able to draw out uncertainty and contradiction in the officer's testimony; while also spotlighting the officer attestations to behaviors the officer testified I demonstrated properly.  Gretchen's Cool Under Pressure: We drew a prosecution friendly judge who was very "generous" to the prosecution on objections, frequently rushed ; who, at the end, effectively pleaded for the prosecution to give him case law that would allow him to convict beyond the statute both the prosecution and defense agreed was applicable. Gretchen was able to use the judge's zeal for throwing out testimony or sustaining objections against defense witnesses against the prosecution’s witnesses; in one case totally eliminating one witness’s ability to testify all together (the officer was dismissed prior to answering a single question about the case).  Gretchen's Adaptive: Gretchen was able to take the feedback I provided during the trial of the officer's testimony and integrate it into her cross to further tease out questionable testimony.  Bottom Line: Gretchen Argued The Case That I Was Totally Satisfied, Regardless of the Verdict.  nevertheless . . . the verdict was: NOT GUILTY

    -- a DWI client
  • I feel proud of myself for making the right "LIFE CHOICE DECISION" and hiring Mrs. Taylor as my Attorney.

    It took me some time to write this review because I simply cannot find the right words to describe how awesome Gretchen is. I feel proud of myself for making the right "LIFE CHOICE DECISION" and hiring Mrs. Taylor as my Attorney. Needless to say, I was doing my research and searching for a DUI attorney to handle my case for over a month. The moment I met Gretchen, I knew "this is it". I was found guilty, and Gretchen saved my life. Here it is: 1. super sharp and detailed, always steps ahead and on top of the things 2. available!!!!! e-mail, text, cell, always in contact with the client and impressive memory, I almost felt like I am her only client :) 3. extremely charming. Judges simply like her, and compliment her, we had to appeal - the judge found me guilty. Yet, complimented Gretchen "you defended your client admirably" She does not even have to try. She just has that presence. 4. So about the appeal. She just held my hand and said "Appeal". I was not even thinking clearly, - hopeless and lost. She saved my life. Went extra 1,000 miles to prepare for the appeal, and we WON!!!!! 5. And she is very emotionally supportive. While I was on the stand, and the Prosecutor was "attacking" me, all I had to do is look at Gretchen to compose myself. So like I said - words cannot describe how grateful I am to Attorney Taylor. All I can say -" I was in good hands". She rocks. She is wonderful. She is professional. And she is the winner. I spoke to a few people who were convicted with DUI and simply saying - "my lawyer never even obtained the video tape", well,- not the case with Gretchen.... she is just awesome! Thank you Gretchen. Thank you.

    A DUI client
  • Thank you

    Gretchen was a great attorney. Always one step ahead of the game. Very easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable about her facts on my case.

    A DUI client
  • A Lawyer who goes the extra mile

    Gretchen Taylor is probably the only lawyer I know who believes in going the extra mile. She is very knowledgeable, approachable, friendly, and an out of the box thinker. In dealing with my case, she was always available when I had questions and always gave honest and fair advice of substance (which I felt was very important). She definitely knows how to put your concerns to ease and make you feel comfortable no matter how uncomfortable your situation may be. I would highly recommend Gretchen Taylor, a lawyer who I believe will always go the extra mile to provide quality advice to her client. Thanks Gretchen for being by my side during my ordeal.

    BV, a Domestic Violence and DWI client