Meet Taylor Law Company: Aggressive Virginia Defense

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, they are facing the worst possible time of their lives. The fact that you’re charged with an offense, does not mean that you are automatically guilty. I know that Commonwealth Attorneys may think that, officers may think that, my clients may even think that….but unless they can prove each and every element, they haven’t met the burden of reasonable doubt and you have a chance to win your case.

Meeting with Taylor Law Company.

Everyone facing this kind of situation has a million questions. We care about our clients. We like to meet with you ahead of time, before you hire us, so that you can get a feel for us and so that we can get a feel for you. You are never going to have to wonder, “Where is my attorney? Why are aren’t they calling me back?” You are going to have an answer to all of your questions.

Working with You

We’re both aggressive litigators, and compassionate women.  We’re going to spend a lot of time getting to know the facts of your case, investigating, talking to you about your possible defenses, and make sure you are informed. We know more about your case then the prosecutor or Judge does and we’re going to fight for you.

Cost is important to everyone; we’re all trying to cut costs nowadays. But the last thing that you want to focus on when you are choosing the best attorney for you, is how much they charge. When we walk into the courtroom,, we are armed with both the facts and the law, and will bring all of that to the Judge’s attention. The Judge is not going to go in there and just be thinking “I see this person as the crime they committed.” They are going to see the whole picture of the person. And that’s how you are going to get a better result. It might cost more, because we are going to spend more time giving your case the attention it deserves. That’s what you are going to find at Taylor Law Company.