Ms. Gretchen Taylor, of Taylor Law Company, goes through the requirements needed to contain an expungement in Virginia.

Let's talk about expungements. What is an expungement? An expungement is basically taking a record of arrest off of all records. This is a really important thing to do if you did not plead guilty, not found guilty, or if the prosecutor decided not to process the charges against you. If any of those three things happen, you may be eligible for an expungement. What the expungement process is, is a lawsuit in the circuit court of the general district court you were processed in. I would file a petition for expungement to get all the files destroyed for good. You will have to get your fingerprints taken and those will be sent off to the Virginia State police and they will run a record check to send back to the court. If you have no other convictions, the court will give the police an ok to destroy the records and your name will be clean. 

Gretchen L. Taylor
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